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StreamJetz brings you high quality video content delivered over the internet. With the advancement in digital technology accompanied by simplified solutions, we at StreamJetz will create a greater visibility for all your products and services. Streaming live media contents at faster rates and expanding the business boundaries without any limits.

Android-IOS Compatible

Watch your live events over Android and IOS devices (Smartphones, iPhone, iPad and tablets).

HD Quality

Webcast your events in clear HD quality with standard bitrate and resolution.

Customized Branding

Water Mark your event pages with your company logo.Create event pages that looks like your own website.

Embed on website

Embed the link on your website to increase more viewership and create follower for your event.


View your event as video on demand after the live webcast is finished.

Social Media

Sharing the event details on popular social media and expand the business radius.

About us

Anytime,Anywhere with instant connectivity to webcast all your events with high quality videos and streaming the content live with less buffer rate. The Video content can be accessed across the geographical location enabling your friends and the world to share the moment of happiness with you.

Device Independent,Adapts to highest Quality Bitrate,Backtrack on video timeline,Embed on any device,Company Logo marking option,Enhanced play back on any device,Engage your customers.









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